Factory’s futuristic and some might say ahead of its time night-spot opened on May 21st 1982, the date having been decided some six months previously by Wilson, Gretton and Ginger.

As Fac 51 The Hacienda entered its first full year of operation, eight months on from the May opening, it closed for its first ever night on the first Monday of the year, marking an end to the seven day, open daily strategy. Yet the live scene at the club was flourishing as the vigour and dedication of booker Mike Pickering saw major gigs each week from many breakthrough and local acts, some set to become internationally famous throughout the decade.

Despite continuing levels of artistic creativity and musical diversity, The Hacienda remained in the doldrums financially. No longer the newest club in town and still beset by problems with the overspend and brewery deal related to the opening, Penny Henry remembers a regular activity of dodging the bailiffs being.

1985 was a water-shed year for The Haçienda. Not because of major changes in musical style, or seismic shifts in popular culture – those were to come later on – but down to conflicting circumstances which would see the club emerge from the year with a sense that it had to get its act together professionally; a decision which would see The Haç in strong shape for the oncoming impact of acid house.

If 1985 had laid the groundwork for the Hacienda’s survival and rise from the difficulties of the early years, 1986 can be seen as the year that the future legacy of FAC 51 all started coming together.

In 1987 the UK club scene was evolving at a fast pace across London and Manchester and The Hacienda was becoming increasingly regarded and name-checked from outside the Factory circles and locals by the style press and increasingly people from Europe, North America as far as Australia.

Regular nights include: Void on Wednesdays with Jon Dasilva and Mike Pickering. Temperance Club on Thursdays with Dave Haslam. Fridays are Nude with Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, Saturdays with Nick Arrojo